Meet Mike & Mark

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Michael Griffin holds a bachelor's degree in Communications and History as well as an associate degree in Emergency Medical Sciences. He is an Air Force Vietnam War veteran. After returning to civilian life, Michael spent 35 years as a Sales & Marketing manager before retiring from the corporate world in 2005.

Michael served in the Louisiana Wing of the Civil Air Patrol (US Air Force Auxiliary) as a Squadron Commander and Professional Development Officer. In addition to his staff positions, Mike flies as a Mission Qualified Airborne Photographer and is one of the few qualified sUAS (Drone) Technicians within the Southwest Region of the United State for the CAP.

Mike met Mark when they both served in the Civil Air Patrol. Mike and Mark served as Airborne Photographers flying search and rescue, disaster relief, and homeland security sorties over Louisiana. When the Civil Air Patrol started a sUAS (small unmanned aircraft system - drone) program, Mike and Mark were the first members of the southwest region of the Civil Air Patrol to qualify as a certified drone team. 

Together, Mike and Mark bring a lot of knowledge, training, and experience to this new venture.

Call Mike to discuss how we can assist you in marketing your project: 504-250-6166.

Mark Warriner is a professional commercial photographer/videographer with a long and colorful career. A New Orleans native, Mark graduated from Loyola University with a Bachelor's degree in Communications. Mark spent the early years of his career as a producer, director, writer, videographer, and editor working for broadcast television stations around the southeast US. In addition to his work at television stations, Mark worked freelance TV production assignments for ABC Sports, ESPN, and the Canadian Broadcasting Network. 

When Mark lived in Jacksonville, Florida he owned a commercial still photography business. His work included magazine articles and advertisements, brochures, and corporate reports. Mark's specialty was architectural photography working with builders, developers, designers, and decorators. Mark worked with 35mm, 2 1/4", and 4"x 5" film formats. With the coming of age of digital photography, the techniques of capturing and processing the image is completely different. 

After hurricane Katrina, Mark joined the Civil Air Patrol (US Air Force Auxiliary) where he served as squadron commander, wing emergency services officer, mission pilot, airborne photographer. Mark developed the wing's airborne photographer program and taught airborne photography to members of the wing for many years. When the Civil Air Patrol started a sUAS (small unmanned aircraft system) program, Mark and Michael worked together to become the first fully qualified team in the southwest region.

Mark is an FAA certificated Part 107 Remote Pilot. This certification is required to fly drones for commercial work.

The creativity and challenge of "telling the story" through imaging is what Mark finds so fulfilling